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Embody Your Love

Best-Selling Author & Intimacy Teacher
Books, Online Women's Groups. Workshops, Private Coaching, Video Courses

“How did you love before you ever knew hurt?”

– Londin Angel Winters –

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Yoga of Intimacy

If you’re diving into sacred intimacy and looking for support, check out our online practice groups.


• Monthly Women's Circle

• Monthly Couple's Practice Evenings

• Monthly Men's Group

Justin and I guide you through sacred sexuality practices and offer direct coaching through open Q&A. Recordings of all sessions are included with membership. 

Starts at $30 to Join

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Upcoming Workshops/Events

Online Classes


Monthly Women's Circle with Londin

Every 2nd Thursday of the month 4:00PM PT // 7:00PM ET


Monthly Men's Group with Justin

Every 1st Thursday of the month

4:00PM PT // 7:00PM ET

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Yoga of Intimacy,

Couples Practice Evening

with Londin & Justin

Every 1st Friday of the month

4:00PM PT // 7:00PM ET

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Online Video Courses

The Awakened Woman's Guide
To Everlasting Love

by Londin Angel Winters & Justin Patrick Pierce


In today’s disconnected, distracted world, it seems like deep love gets harder to maintain every day. We spend more time looking at screens than at each other, cycle through new partners every time the spark starts to fade, and wall away our feelings until we become strangers who share a house and kids. But underneath all this, our souls long for an unbreakable love that deepens over time and lovemaking that gets hotter, not cooler, inside a lifetime commitment.

This bond we yearn for is not impossible. It’s not even improbable. You can create it in your life right now—intimacy that opens both you and your partner to a divine awakening you could not create on your own, lovemaking that curls your toes, and a partnership where both people champion each other’s best interests, and even the difficult moments bring you closer together. This is sacred relationship, and it’s already within your reach.

It exists in these pages. If you are seeking a resource for attracting sacred relationship, sustaining longterm passion and deepening in authentic connection (whether you’re single or in relationship!), you’re in the right place. The path within these pages will teach you how to have a long-term, sexy, passionate, deeply fulfilling relationship with a conscious partner who is as excited to be there as you are. Written by both a man and a woman who have been living and teaching these principles for a decade, this book is an owner’s manual for intimacy, a map for loving at the deepest level, and an invitation into sacred practice where divine connection becomes a part of everyday life.

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What Others Are Saying About Londin

Private Mentorship
with Londin



Embark on a 3-month individual or couple’s mentorship. For individual mentorships, Londin holds you in a very tight container to unfold your personal goals. In couple’s mentorship, Londin and Justin hold you and your beloved in a sacred container to establish a committed sacred sexuality yogic practice. You will have this for life. It’s an opportunity to grow spiritually and sexually alongside your partner. All practices are clothes-on. Whichever mentorship you choose, the goal is total transformation of all that is blocking you. Inside of three months, your body turns over newly and your transformation has the opportunity to become complete. In addition to private coaching sessions, you will be given homework assignments and practice suggestions and these will shift and change according to your specific needs as we watch what arises for you as you move closer to your goal. This allows you to finally get on the other side of sabotage, limiting beliefs and other blind spots.


Private Intensive

If you’d like an intensive VIP experience, book a 3-hour private mini-intensive with Justin and Londin. You will have the opportunity to refine your practice via hands-on coaching in the moment. If you come as a single, we offer the option of pairing you with a trustable practice partner (or not, your preference). If you come as a couple, we place you in practice with your partner and guide you moment-by-moment into deepening and unraveling bad habits for deeper love. Usually the blocks are things you are not even aware of. If you were aware of them, you would have transformed them already. Moment-by-moment guidance in your intimate practice is a powerful way to accelerate your growth. All private intensives are facilitated by both Justin and Londin.


You Were Born of Love Light

Are you living as love light, experiencing it and merging with it daily? Do you feel it both with self and inside of sacred partnership? If not, what is in the way? This is the question I ask myself every day. That is the space I hold as coach and teacher. If this journey speaks to you too, let’s play.

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