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A Message to the Awakened Woman

Justin and I wrote this book for the awakened woman—a woman who is understanding life on new terms, who has achieved the same things men are used to achieving, but might feel unmet by career alone, and longs for deeper love.

Photo by Kim Henry

She may even feel at odds with herself. One part of her—the purpose-driven part—has been totally liberated and loves that nothing is stopping her from creating anything she wants, but her heart stands divided because the other part of her—the love-driven part—stares at the ceiling at night crying for more. It longs to be cherished, seen and claimed.

This book is for the next generation of women who are stepping into sharing power with men. These women have a choice: they’ll either model patriarchal trends of ruling, disembodied and dominating, or they will create something we’ve never seen before, where the tenderness which lives in every woman’s heart becomes the thing that makes the difference.

The awakened woman cannot cut herself off from her body. Her heart won’t let her. So she awakens through love. She calls in a deep man who opens her more than she can open herself. He peels back her layers, helping her find divine surrender, giving her the ability to tune more clearly into the wisdom that lies within her than she could on her own. She goes back into her power position the next day, wide open and connected to the divine, and creates something the world has never seen.

This is a powerful time in history. Women have the opportunity to step into their destiny as leaders without losing the precious love-driven side of themselves. It is the desire for love which leads them into a partnership, and it is the partnership which nourishes them as they lead. I know for myself I would not be able to stand in half of the luminescent power I hold if it wasn’t for my relationship with Justin. It is not my power—it’s the power of the two of us as a channel coming through me. It’s not me and it’s not him; it’s both of us. It’s the checks and balances of each other’s perspectives. It’s the opening we create together, an awakening that moves through each one of us, which is not possible without the other.

A revolution is on the horizon—a revolution of women in positions of influence, supported by men of consciousness—two serving as one.

This revolution starts in relationship, two beings in devotion to each other, awakening within each other: love, purpose, luminescence, power, pleasure and happiness. Imagine what will change for the whole of humanity when each and every awakened woman starts living as love, without shutting down or holding back, without compromise, and with a daily full-body yes to the call of the heart.

The way to hear that call is to ask yourself one simple question and trust the answer. The question is:

How do you need to give your love before you die?

Write down the first things that come to your heart.

—excerpt from The Awakened Woman's Guide to Everlasting Love by Londin Angel Winters & Justin Patrick Pierce


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