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Susanna H.

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When I started my coaching with Londin I had tried different coaches and methods. I was searching and trying to find something. But nothing seemed to help me. I am a successful businesswoman and physiotherapist with a book and method about childbirth and how to give birth without fear. I have my own company that I built up to live my life as I want to. I have and still do my life, purpose and calling full on. Nothing can stop me from trusting and believing in myself in this field. But in the field of love, I was not doing as well. 


I found myself over and over again, scared, lost and collapsing as soon as anyone got into my heart. My hard, reactive and very lost self-did not manage to create the connection I was longing for. I knew something was missing, I just did not know what. I don’t remember how I found “The Yoga of Intimacy”, or if it found me. But immediately there was a pull. I booked my first short meeting with Londin and it felt so right. There was something with this teaching that just resonated with my body. So I started my sessions with Londin. In the beginning I did not understand anything Londin said. “What do you mean omega is the - not doing?”, “how do you – not do?”. My system totally crashed. I had been doing, the doing, my whole life. I was so used to the talking, the doing, the thinking and the creating. I had lost my connection to the being and feeling. I had always seen me as a sensual and soft woman. And here I was, totally confused and totally scared. Even if I wrote a book about how to handle fear during childbirth, I had NO idea how to handle fear and the immense pain that I felt in life. I was so scared to surrender, scared to let go, soften and allow. Mostly I had no idea how to do it. But I did my best not to “think” and instead allow and trust that by just showing up, the energy of omega would naturally show me the way. And she did.

This was such a different way to be and show up. And I could feel how it changed me from within. Slowly my heart opened, my soul softened and my energy started to change. Londin with her open heart, and total presence, helped me in our sessions so much to develop this side of myself. To really understand how to become love, and how this love is bigger than me and bigger than the connection with a chosen partner. She has also both gently, but when needed with fierce love pushed me further then I could go by myself.

This work has also brought me to the places inside from my past that I needed to heal, and this has and is very uncomfortable. I had so much fear and pain inside. Old wounds and programs. These I still work with. But as Rumi says “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” I have started to heal myself and I have started to love myself deeply. The training and sessions have been about being and receiving everything. The joy, the pain, the pleasure, the closed heart, the open heart, the sadness, the longing, the being and all the flavors of life. To soften and receive it all. It has and is a journey towards reclaiming something I know I always been and that my soul was deeply crying out for.

I am still not in a sacred relationship. But I am in a sacred commitment to the path and to be love, every day. Love is what this world needs. And omega as an energy is what will heal what has been broken. In me first, and out in the world as a result. By becoming this softness, fierce love, truth and openness, we together will create something totally new, and something that the world has never seen.

The Yoga of Intimacy has changed me in the core. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart for bringing me home. Love, Susanna”

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