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Lola Manekin

Lola Manekin.png

"I am so deeply grateful for having been able to work with Londin. I feel like it’s such an honor, a true blessing. Londin is an example of how I want to walk through this world. When I see her doing life and the way she embodies her body in her life and all aspects of who she is—I want that. It was because of our work together that I had really made space for my guides to come into my life and I made space for them to speak through me, to me, through me. All my senses are opening every day. My third eye and my intuition and my pineal gland are getting wider and more open. I’m thankful to the exercise and practices that I’ve learned from her, but also just the time where I was able to listen to her wisdom and soak up every word. It was really, really priceless to me."

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