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Kim Farrant, Filmmaker

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“Londin Winters has completely changed my life. I have done lots of work on myself, in various modalities: individual therapies, courses, meditation, dance practice, spiritual seeking and yet up until meeting Londin, something was missing. A new neural pathway into living my highest potential. She has helped me access my divine feminine, my true radiance as a woman, my sensuality, my Kali – my rage that serves to awaken unconsciousness, my truth and my exquisite devotional love. She is truly incredible. A shaman, a healer, a goddess and a wise, other worldly crone. And she makes me laugh so much along the way. She has shown me practical and soul shifting tools for how to navigate my relationship to myself, to my own loving and sexual energy, as well my relationships with men, from the dating world, to business, to meeting men who are operating at the level of awareness, greatness and aliveness that I want. The journey through the work with her is always in honor of becoming my best self, rather then getting stuck or identified with my “story" or with outcomes. Its all in service of the art of intimacy and giving the gift of my full love to life itself.  She illustrates through example, how to never shrink back from one’s magnificence and at the same time, ever gently reminds me of the pendulum swings we all take from operating out of pure integrity to operating out of total unawareness. She also teaches how to radiate one’s love light and how to have really healthy tangible boundaries at the same time. I LOVE learning from her. I am completely humbled to be able to be in her presence. The best money I’ve ever spent on my self and every session blows me away. And I can honestly say, I am a better woman because of it and I have a bedrock of trust in myself and in men and in intimate communion that I didn't have before. She is a wealth of knowledge and is highly intuitive and perceptive. I cannot recommend her higher. Londin Winters is a secret gem for those ready and willing to experience the incredible depth and breadth of themselves as a man or a woman committed to deep intimate communion.”

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