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Jayne Gottlieb

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“Working with Londin was one of the best parts of my week – not to say the embodied sensations and experiences were always lovely by any means, but the connection and permission to fully embody the Truth, my truth, my innate power, our shared sense of humor, my capacity to be intimate with ALL of life, and to learn to express ALL of myself was worth being excited for and worth the privilege of doing working together.  Londin holds an extraordinarily powerful and safe container, as well as a magnificent vision for all humans to live fully alive and fully expressed, and it feels amazing to be guided with such depth and commitment. I've noticed that our work together impacts my every moment in my work, in my relationship to myself and others, and in my ever deepening relationship to the Divine.  I am far more aware of my 'go to' transmissions and actually am now having a blast reprogramming my ways by allowing all parts of myself to contribute to the art and/or music that I am making with a situation and my life as a whole.  I reached out to Londin with the desire to feel that when I walked into a room, an intimate setting, a crowded restaurant, my workplace, wherever, I wanted to feel confident in sharing my full essence and that I could allow it shine brightly and that life could and would then meet me there.  Every gem of wisdom Londin shared works and the joy now lies in the exploration, refinement and expression of the passionate principles she shared in her words and in the way she walks in the world, which is incredibly inspiring to me and I consider her to be one of my greatest teachers.   Thank you Londin!”

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