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Julia B.

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“Londin is a true modern witch in the best sense of the world. Working with her has helped me to redefine the archetype of woman, wife, lover – not just in theory but in practice. She has helped to guide me back to myself, to bring more juiciness and energy and play into my life, work and relationship. We need more women like Londin in the world and each of us who work with her have the opportunity through her guidance to step into our own power, our own deep knowing and to take that radiant light out into our relationships and into the world. Londin has helped me to express what I have long known: that my pleasure is my power, it is my birthright; a life force energy that can be cultivated for good in the world. Anytime I feel myself falling into old patters I now hear Londin’s voice gently encouraging me to be bigger and braver. She is a fierce and loving mentor and guide.”

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