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Aimee Moore

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“Londin Angel Winters is a uniquely gifted coach. I mean the real deal! Coaches write that sort of thing in their bio all the time but with her it’s true. I knew that the first time I listened to her speak online. I live half way across world from where she is and yet I ‘had‘ to work with her. She spoke to the deepest parts of my heart and held the terrified little girl inside me. It took nine months to get the opportunity but waiting was worth it because I knew on a soul level she would play an extraordinary role in changing my life….and yes that has been my experience every weekly session I have had with her. You will experience something profound, and she will love you fiercely! Is it an easy ride? Oh Hell No! Londin takes you to places you can’t put words to. She turned me upside down and helped me step back into life, not just as a woman but as a human being. She believes in you. She believes that everything you need is inside of you and she is a guide helping you get your wings to fly. I cry with gratitude and wonder that this incredible woman is out there being in service in this world.”

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