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Ashley Barrett

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“Londin is a badass where miracles happen as a natural order of things. Working with Londin has transformed every aspect of my life, every fiber of my being. The most priceless and sacred gift I will forever be unwrapping from our time together has been absolute permission to be ME in the fullest sense. She helped me dive deeply into acceptance and honoring of embracing my “home” in the formless, dark matter places -my essential nature I never fully allowed myself to fully live in and live as in the world. Now I truly stand as an advocate for my fullest nature, knowing it is a gift & a service in devotion. It's impossible for me to encapsulate my experience working with Londin in words alone but her impact on my soul is timeless & sparks unyielding inspiration, integrity & love in every millimoment within the practice. Londin helped me to dive into & utilize the ancient technologies to exponentially ecastasize my creative life as an actress as well as my ever-blooming relationship with my soul mate.”

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