About Londin

How did you become a spiritual intimacy teacher?

My 20’s and 30’s were a string of successes in all areas but one—love.

I won an Emmy, executive produced a travel network, created financial freedom, won figure competitions, became a top-grossing personal trainer, and wrote a successful book on the metaphysics of weight loss. My career felt easy. It seemed like whatever I set out to do, I had the Midas touch… except when it came to love. I couldn’t seem to find romantic fulfillment no matter how hard I tried.

It wasn’t for lack of trying. I studied all sorts of modalities around relationship: did therapy, did courses, read books, but nothing worked. My romantic path included a heart-breaking divorce, being cheated on after a 5-year relationship, dealing with some terrible dating experiences and generally feeling unmet. The cylinders weren’t firing in the romantic zone like they were in the career zone.

On a whim, I signed up for a weekend workshop with David Deida. I found out about polarity that weekend and realized that I was running so much masculine energy, I was attracting super feminine men, hence being totally unfulfilled. I started making some changes right away. My romantic life changed so dramatically, that I dedicated myself to the work, met my partner Justin in that process, and continued to study sacred intimacy for many years.

The traditional teachings served Justin and I very well in some areas, but not others. Justin and I have a unique situation with me being a powerhouse, him being 14 years younger than me and both of us craving a more modern dynamic. We created our own path, which is what we now teach and live.

Can you explain what your work is all about?

We call our body of work the Yoga of Intimacy. Our unique approach reflects our own journey—of me eventually re-embracing my masculine energy (what we call Alpha) and my feminine energy (what we call Omega) equally. Justin and I enjoy both embodiments, and as a result I get to not only share power with him and be valued for my Alpha qualities, but I also get to surrender all of that, go into Omega and enjoy being ravished regularly.

I feel like I get to have it all today and it’s the greatest gift I’ve been given. I cherish the fact that I can feel super sexy when I’m in Alpha-mode, being a bad-ass boss bitch, and have a man who loves that side of me. I also get to feel super delicious and well-loved because I can soften into Omega and find full divine surrender at the end of a long day.  

My personal priority and practice is to actively cultivate both Alpha and Omega so that they are equally at my fingertips and I can bring whichever embodiment best serves the moment, my relationship and my tribe. The serpents are a big part of this personal practice of mine. 

Why did you start working with snakes?

I started working with snakes when one of my teachers, Nita Rubio, decided to hold a one-day workshop on snake dancing. I signed up on a whim, having no idea what I was in for. When I walked into the room, something inside of me “woke up” and remembered that the serpent was a major part of my path, not only in this lifetime, but in past lifetimes as well.

As a child, I was obsessed with snakes. We lived in the remote woods in North Carolina and I would play in the woods all day with the snakes. Also, throughout my life, I would have these very intense snake dreams. Each time they were so powerful, so earth-shaking, that I would spend many months unraveling their messaging. They would create incredible growth points for me, whether that was inviting me to stand in my power, become more authentic in my life, or liberate expression in my body.

Holding the snake, I literally “woke up” to an aspect of my destiny that I had forgotten. My heart started beating, my body was vibrating, it was a done deal. I knew I needed to own my own serpent. That was about 4 years ago and today, I own four temples snakes and my passion for these mystical beings continues to increase.  

Now that I offer sacred snake ceremony, I also get the joy of seeing other women “light up” to this wisdom, and remember aspects of themselves from other lifetimes where they did serpent work in sacred temples. It is so humbling and such an honor to witness this awakening in our times. I could not be happier to be a steward of this process.

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