“How did you love before you ever knew hurt?”

– Londin Angel Winters –

Londin Angel Winters
Teacher of Love & Sacred Relationship

Londin has one goal and one goal only in everything she offers: A return to love. By this, she means love of self—body, mind and spirit—and love of other—sacred partnership.

If you are interested in working with Londin privately, she offers coaching via Skype and in-person to individuals and couples seeking to deepen their intimacy. Londin also offers online courses and regular LA-based workshops.

Michelle Ann Owens on the Yoga of Intimacy

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Holy F*ck: How Heartbreak Can Be the Most Powerful Medicine

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The Yoga of Intimacy

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I'm offering you a video from my online course, Attracting Your Beloved, which lays out the feminine practices you can do to experience deeper intimacy.  This video is called the Yoga of Intimacy. In it, [...]

Attracting Your Beloved

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Feeling Fulfilled in Love

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A webinar featuring my partner, Justin Patrick Pierce, about what it takes to feel fulfilled in love.

A Cure for Valentine’s Day Woes

February 2nd, 2017|Comments Off on A Cure for Valentine’s Day Woes

Why the "Should" Practice posted here on this channel is a great cure for those Valentines Day woes, upcoming workshops and an upcoming weekend workshop for the Yoga of Intimacy.

Kim Farrant, Filmmaker

“Londin Winters has completely changed my life. I have done lots of work on myself, in various modalities: individual therapies, courses, meditation, dance practice, spiritual seeking and yet up until meeting Londin, something was missing. A new neural pathway into living my highest potential. She has helped me access my divine feminine, my true radiance as a woman, my sensuality, my Kali – my rage that serves to awaken unconsciousness, my truth and my exquisite devotional love. She is truly incredible. A shaman, a healer, a goddess and a wise, other worldly crone. And she makes me laugh so much along the way. She has shown me practical and soul shifting tools for how to navigate my relationship to myself, to my own loving and sexual energy, as well my relationships with men, from the dating world, to business, to meeting men who are operating at the level of awareness, greatness and aliveness that I want. Continue reading…

Adele U.

“Londin always amazes me with her incredible depth and wisdom. She’s one powerful package who gets to the heart of the matter, no matter what’s presented. In a short time of working with her, she’s helped me grow in many ways – and she got me moving and exercising again! I’m truly grateful for the work, sisterhood and example she offers.”

Keri C.

“Londin creates a space I don’t find anywhere else — a space to be, to relax, to express, to play and to expand. All hats come off… the mother, the partner, the worker… and paradoxically, by the end of practice, I am all of those things x 10 in their highest expression, ready to offer myself fully in all areas of my life. My heart is profoundly expanded, my body open and my entire being switched on and inspired to live life to the fullest. Thank you Londin, you are a rare gift!“

Alexandra R.

“Doing a ceremony with Londin was so powerful for me. I would compare with any other of Earth’s powerful medicines—it has the power for deep healing. If you have any desire for snake medicine work, she is a powerful priestess and gentle guide in awakening kundalini and shakti from within.”

You were born of love light.

Are you living as love light, experiencing it and merging with it daily ? 

Do you feel it both with self and inside of sacred partnership?

If not, what is in the way? 

This is the question I ask myself every day.

That is the space I hold as coach and teacher. 

If this journey speaks to you too, let’s play.

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