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Joohee Chung

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“As a coach, Londin has it all — intelligence, wisdom, connection to tradition, intuition, empathy, strength, humor. No matter how nuanced or complex the situation, she cuts through like a sword to what’s at the heart of the matter and offers her insights in a way that can be understood and integrated at an intuitive level. Prior to working with Londin, I had already spent more than a decade learning from various modalities of spiritual and personal growth work. But her teachings have given me a whole new experience of living in the world as an “awakened woman.”I learned how to honor both my mind and body, how to conquer the world and be ravished by it, how to maintain equanimity while keeping my inner fire alive and roaring. In relationships, I became highly skilled at understanding, generating, and sharing energy -- not only with intimate partners but also with other significant people in my life such as business partners, family, and friends.Now I can consciously choose which energetic note I want to play in a moment to create all the juicy relationships I desire instead of being at the mercy of a mysterious phenomenon called “chemistry.” Thanks to our work together, I can truly say that I’m the creatrix of my own life. Londin is a real gem and I’m so grateful for her and her teachings.”

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