I’m offering you a video from my online course, Attracting Your Beloved, which lays out the feminine practices you can do to experience deeper intimacy. 

This video is called the Yoga of Intimacy. In it, I come clean about just how terrifying this journey can be for me as I continue to deepen into the practice. I’m going on 8 years into a sacred partnership and I’m here to tell you, this path ain’t for everyone.

But, if you choose it, it can be one of the most fulfilling journeys you can take in your lifetime. Doing these practices has allowed me to feel met by relationship in a way I never thought was possible.

In this video, you will learn three foundational feminine practices you can start doing today to deepen a moment. Whether you are dating or in long-term relationship, these practices and the Attracting Your Beloved course teach you how to draw sacred partnership into your life.