Kim Farrant, Filmmaker

“Londin Winters has completely changed my life. I have done lots of work on myself, in various modalities: individual therapies, courses, meditation, dance practice, spiritual seeking and yet up until meeting Londin, something was missing. A new neural pathway into living my highest potential. She has helped me access my divine feminine, my true radiance as a woman, my sensuality, my Kali – my rage that serves to awaken unconsciousness, my truth and my exquisite devotional love. She is truly incredible. A shaman, a healer, a goddess and a wise, other worldly crone. And she makes me laugh so much along the way. She has shown me practical and soul shifting tools for how to navigate my relationship to myself, to my own loving and sexual energy, as well my relationships with men, from the dating world, to business, to meeting men who are operating at the level of awareness, greatness and aliveness that I want. Continue reading…

Nikki Starr, M.D.

Londin and Justin’s Yoga of Intimacy weekend retreat changed my life and I feel even more excited for sacred partnership. As a facilitator myself, I shared with Londin I want to be like her. She is the true embodiment of her teachings both as a woman and as the divine feminine in sacred relationship. I admire her honesty, realness and rawness. Londin holds nothing back. She is the real deal and shares all of herself with us. I admire her vulnerability and grace. She is sexy and down to earth–I want to be her friend and hang out with her! Londin is an incredible facilitator, surrendering to divine guidance. If you have the opportunity to work with her or attend a Yoga of Intimacy experience I definitely recommend it!

Keri L.

“Londin creates a space I don’t find anywhere else — a space to be, to relax, to express, to play and to expand. All hats come off… the mother, the partner, the worker… and paradoxically, by the end of practice, I am all of those things x 10 in their highest expression, ready to offer myself fully in all areas of my life. My heart is profoundly expanded, my body open and my entire being switched on and inspired to live life to the fullest. Thank you Londin, you are a rare gift!“

Allison Mocek

I cannot express to you how fortunate I am after having the opportunity to be guided by you and your wisdom. Attracting Your Beloved has opened my eyes to so many new perspectives that have helped me understand the essence of ME and where I am right now, in the present moment. After learning your practices of attracting someone into my life who can have the potential to be my sacred partner, I am more confident than I ever have been. I learned so much about myself and learned to tap in to different parts of my vessel that allow me to recognize the reality of different situations now. I am extremely interested in your course, Loving Your Weight Off, to fully utilize this confidence I am now OWNING.

Elena S.

“Working with Londin has changed my life. I am doing single bodied practice.  Working with Londin has been an experience of truth, trust and integrity.  She held me in such perfect attention and consciousness as if she was right in the room with me.  Her integrity and love for the work shines through.  I felt, seen heard and understood which allowed me to go deeper.  I love homework and she gave the perfect homework for me to feel like it was play.  All that I experienced with Londin has allowed me to go deeper in my practice.”

Adele U.

“Londin always amazes me with her incredible depth and wisdom. She’s one powerful package who gets to the heart of the matter, no matter what’s presented. In a short time of working with her, she’s helped me grow in many ways – and she got me moving and exercising again! I’m truly grateful for the work, sisterhood and example she offers.”

Alexandra R.

“Doing a ceremony with Londin was so powerful for me. I would compare with any other of Earth’s powerful medicines—it has the power for deep healing. If you have any desire for snake medicine work, she is a powerful priestess and gentle guide in awakening kundalini and shakti from within.”

Tracy K.

“I awoke within myself that tribal, sensual, luscious space that is inherent in me as a woman and yearns for expression. Londin provides a safe and empowering cocoon that draws out the woman in me, in a way that only my body can express.”

Eliane H.

“Londin’s got this radiant power about her. It’s contagious. By leading from an embodied feminine place, she took us to new places in expressing through our bodies, supported us to stretch our boundaries and inspired us to open our hearts to feel even more. The women’s work with Londin was warm, safe, fun, confronting, ecstatic, relentless, and made me meet my longing to make love to life, moment by moment, and give it all.”

Allison B.

“Being a part of Londin’s Women’s Program has elevated and freed up my mind, my body, my spirit, and my being… beyond its original dimension of existence. It is the perfect balance of structure, education, guidance, accountability, and flexibility to meet you where you are and encourage you to go deeper in order to listen to the wisdom of your own body.”

Pauline R.

“Sacred snake dancing with Londin was incredible. She gracefully guided us into presence and connection with ourselves before we connected with the snakes. I felt so safe and really trusted her guidance, and therefore I was able to drop deeper into presence and listening with the snakes. It was magical to be in communion with these incredibly sensitive beings. I felt that the snakes intuited where I held tension and “massaged” me there. And as I became more confident and connected with each snake, we were able to explore more flow of movement together. It was such a sacred experience of trust, listening, and love. I can’t wait to attend a sacred snake dancing event with Londin again.”

Ninni S.

“The women’s group was such a perfect way to start the day during the intensive with David Deida. It made it possible to dive deep in a safe environment, to reach the part of me from where I want to live when interacting with others, both men and women. Londin was a great teacher and Adelina was a great participant/teacher who all inspired, pushed lovingly and guided us to keep diving deeper with each exercise. I could feel in their voices and from their bodies that they live what they teach and that was such a great inspiration. The women’s group gave me the balance I needed, to fill myself with the presence of other women and from there be able to go and meet the men who had done the same thing in the men’s group. The polarity therefore became vibrant.”