Londin and Justin are providing a workshop space to explore the deepest levels of intimacy, connection and love.”

– Andi D. –

What Is the Yoga of Intimacy?

What to Expect


Passion can feel elusive, easily burnt out by petty arguments and the mundane nature of life. But this is not how it has to be: passion is physics. You can invite passion back into your life every time you do the Yoga of Intimacy. There are actual “poses” that create romance and heat. Even if you have been in relationship for years, vibrant loving returns in an instant anytime you are willing to practice the Yoga of Intimacy.


There are few things more painful than to feel un-met and unfulfilled in love. When we learn how to show up fully to our partner, we offer the most valuable resource on the planet — presence. Whether the moment is full of pristine bliss or rife with emotional difficulty, the Yoga of Intimacy teaches us concrete ways to embrace the moment fully. When we step beyond emotional closures and into love, everything changes.


To become a great sexual yogi requires practice. This is the place to do it. We founded this community to provide a practice space that feels clean, pristine and trustable. We maintain strict workshop rules and no actual sex occurs—all of the magic happens in the subtle-energy realms. Our goal is that each person feel safe to open as fully as their capacity allows so they can increase that capacity each time they attend.


Upcoming Dates

Yoga of Intimacy, CoEd Practice Evening

October 27 @ 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Yoga of Intimacy, CoEd Practice Evening

November 10 @ 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

About Londin & Justin

Justin and I have been together for more than 7 years. We are avid practitioners of the exact practices we teach you in this class, which we call the Yoga of Intimacy. I credit these practices for allowing us to thrive in love for all this time. Trust me, it’s not easy. Justin and I are no strangers to the challenges that come with long-term relationship. We run a business together, work from home, spend 24 hours a day by each other’s sides, and yet we have been able to keep passion, love and harmony alive through the daily practice of the Yoga of Intimacy. It has been a profound gift to us.  We teach this class as a way of giving back what our teachers and life-experiences have given us.

IMPORTANT: This event has strict workshop rules. There is no kissing, even if you are coming as a couple and no touching of breast, ass or genitals. We enforce these rules strictly so that participants know they can count on the safest container possible for deep exploration. 

Also, this event requires an equal number of male and female participants for partner practices. If you are the last person to sign up for this event as a single, and an opposite sex partner does not sign up by the day of the event, you may be asked to withdraw from the practice evening. If asked to withdraw, you are entitled to a full refund, or you may allocate your payment towards a future practice evening. To avoid this, be sure to sign up early for all upcoming events.

Also note, if you sign up and fail to show up to the evening, we must send someone home. To avoid this happening, no-shows may be denied access to future events. Kindly give us 24 hours advanced notice if you cannot make it or need to reschedule.  

*Creating a safe, impeccable environment for our community is our number one priority. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse anyone admission to this event at anytime, even if admission has already been paid. 

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