“Londin Winters has completely changed my life… She has shown me practical and soul-shifting tools for how to navigate my relationship to myself, to my own loving and sexual energy, as well my relationships with men.”

– Kim Farrant –

Message from Londin

My favorite thing in the world is working in private session.

I’m not into giving answers, putting something on a person or running them through a pre-programmed bullet-point list of doings. I deeply value sacred space. In each and every session, whether in person or Skype, we step into a pristine container and open the channels of listening. When we do this, the wisdom within emerges. It is thrilling to witness each person finding the answers that are perfect for their unique journey. It is beautiful to witness each person set down the chains that bind their heart and step into being the love-light that they were born to be in life and intimate relationship.

I am so honored to be part of this process. I take it very seriously. I am looking for people who are ready to do the work, look deep, unleash and call forth a life of unbridled loving.

What are you looking for?  

Options for Coaching

Private Coaching Session

Want guidance in a certain area? Have something that is coming up and you feel you could use some help? Book a one-hour private coaching session to work on a specific area. You can do this easily through my online scheduler. Sessions can booked in person or via Skype. I find this is great for those who are not ready for the strong container of mentorship, but are craving support, guidance and liberation in a certain area.

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12-Week Mentorship

The 12-week mentorship is a deep dive together into your desired outcome. You will be held in a strong container for 12 weeks to allow you to find new ways of being with yourself and relating to others, which allow you to reclaim the deep loving and joyful bliss that is your birthright. It also represents a great value as you enjoy a discount compared to single bookings. Sessions can be booked in person or via Skype.

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Couple’s Coaching

Want to work with your man and find out where things are going off? Justin and I offer mini intensives for couples. It’s a three-hour session in person or via Skype where we work with you to break the habits that diminish intimacy. Find out what is going on body-to-body to kill the passion or constantly end up in conflict. Explore new ways of interacting and feel the thrill come back no matter how long you’ve been together.

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Adele U.

“Londin always amazes me with her incredible depth and wisdom. She’s one powerful package who gets to the heart of the matter, no matter what’s presented. In a short time of working with her, she’s helped me grow in many ways – and she got me moving and exercising again! I’m truly grateful for the work, sisterhood and example she offers.”

Keri L. 

Londin creates a space I don’t find anywhere else — a space to be, to relax, to express, to play and to expand. All hats come off… the mother, the partner, the worker… and paradoxically, by the end of practice, I am all of those thing x 10 in their highest expression, ready to offer myself fully in all areas of my life. My heart is profoundly expanded, my body open and my entire being switched on and inspired to live life to the fullest. Thank you Londin, you are a rare gift!

Tracy K. 

“I awoke within myself that tribal, sensual, luscious space that is inherent in me as a woman and yearns for expression. Londin provides a safe and empowering cocoon that draws out the woman in me, in a way that only my body can express.” 


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