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“Snakes represent untamed feminine energy, the most feared force in the world. Whether man or woman, when you dance with them, you dance with yourself in a profound way.”

– Londin Angel Winters –

Description & Details

Open to men and women, this 2-hour class offers an opportunity to handle and move with a temple snake in a sacred, safe environment. By feeling the movements of the snake on your body, you will be guided into an experience of the subtle-energy body beyond anything you may have ever experienced.  

The serpent holds potent medicine. It is a delight to me that no participant has ever received the same medicine. The snakes relate to each person uniquely. They meet you where you are at and give you what you need. It is a wonder to witness.

Snakes are utterly authentic to the moment. Dancers come to love this and treasure the reflection of what is truly happening in the energetic body.

More than anything, the true gift of Sacred Snake Dancing is communion with these incredible beings. They are masters of subtle energy. They are lovers of pleasure. They are healers and givers. It is nearly impossible to put words on the experience.