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Women-Only Sacred Snake Ceremony

An opportunity to commune in sacred space with four trained temple snakes.

  • Awaken your intuition
  • Ignite your sensuality 
  • Witness magic

Find out what serpent medicine has to offer you. It is different every time you come.


F A Q :

Are your snakes poisonous?

Hell No!

What is a temple snake? 

These are not the snakes you’d see hiking. Temple snakes are serpents very familiar with human touch and interaction. I have raised these creatures from babies and handle them nearly every day. They love and trust humans. They offer their medicine to each person uniquely.

What if I’m scared?

If snakes scare you, that is welcome. Fear is a potent part of the serpent medicine and very common. This workshop is designed to help each person create a comfort level with the serpent, at their own pace. You can choose to meet them from afar and simply be in their energy field. Or, you can choose to place one of them on your body and move with them.

Why do you offer this? 

Since I was a child, I have had a strong relationship with snakes. When I first picked one up, I never wanted to put it down. Owning snakes is something that my partner Justin and I enjoy tremendously. I offer this workshop because I want to give other people the chance to experience the power of the serpent and unwind false beliefs from the vilification of the snake. I believe we are at a time in our culture where the sacred relationship between serpent and human is re-emerging. I care for the snakes and offer this class to serve that awakening.

What is it like to move with a snake? 

In a word—incredible! Snakes survived the extinction. They are some of the oldest DNA on this planet. Their vibration is entirely unique to anything else available to us. When we feel them on our bodies and move in relationship with them, we drop into a wisdom that is ancient. We also allow our bodies to slow down, ground and integrate at a depth that is hard to find anywhere else in current culture.  It is hard to put the experience into words, other than to say, it is extremely potent and never the same twice.

What if I want to organize my own group? 

Book a private ceremony for yourself and your tribe at a time and day this is best for you. This offers the ability to drop deep into the subtle energy field of the sacred serpent in the company of your closest loved ones.

What if I want to experience this in a private session? 

Book a one-on-one session session with me and the snakes. I take you through a 90-minute guided experience, allowing you to move with a snake on your body, tune into the deep wisdom and learn the power of subtle awareness from these ancient beings. You also have the chance to move with several snakes at one time if you choose, which is a profound experience.

To set up custom ceremony or private work, click here for custom registration options