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Join Londin Angel Winters & Justin Patrick Pierce for a 2-Day Private Intensive in Topanga, CA on Saturday and Sunday, September 23-24, 2017.

The Yoga of Intimacy is an experience that will teach you the significance of thousands of years of sacred tradition through spiritual intimacy, translated to the modern way of life. In this event, you will learn how to attract and deepen intimacy through the embodiment of ancient intimate yogic practices. We work in the subtle-body realms, rewiring how we approach love-making to create passion, unguarded union, and deep fulfillment through the full embrace of our authentic selves. 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The Principle of Polarity: Opposites Attract
  • The Age of Alpha & Omega
  • How to Navigate Women Sharing Power with Men, Men Sharing Love with Women
  • Applying Sacred Practice to the Modern Relationship
  • Polarity Isn’t Special, and That’s a Good Thing
  • How to Turn On Your Partner from 0-60 in 90-Seconds
  • How to Turn the Toughest Moments of Relationship Into the Most Intimate
  • How to Ignite Passion Anytime You Want, No Matter How Many Years You’ve Been Together
  • The Three Ways of Relating (Once You Understand This, You Will Be Set Free)

Whether single or in relationship and desiring deeper connection, we teach the basics of what it is to create passion with another and sustain it over a lifetime using safe, non-sexual partner practices.


This private event is limited to

a maximum of 24 select participants (12 men, 12 women).

Both singles and couples are welcome to attend. 

Few seats remain. Register today to reserve your seat.



Praise from Bob Schwenkler:


Praise from Dr. Nikki Starr:


Praise from Chris D:

“Justin and Londin offer a deep and rare perspective on intimacy and energetic polarity in relationship, that feels like it comes from years of practice. And the dynamic they embody as a couple shows the value that comes from the work. For those unfamiliar with the subject, they back up the concepts with straight-forward examples and language, making it accessible to the newcomer, and adding real context for the intermediate or advanced practitioner. Above all, you feel the love that both of them have for the work, the gifts it can bear, and for anyone interested. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a way to deepen and bring true artistry to their intimate relationships.”


Praise from Terrin C:

“Londin, I’ve been trying to find the words to explain my immense amount of gratitude I have for you and Justin! I cannot even begin to describe the switch you flipped in me. Ever sense this weekend I have been on fire! And I’ve had so many people commit on how I’m carrying myself! So much deep gratitude, I’m not even sure if you know just how much you’re changing people’s lives. You and Justin are some of the most beautiful, elegant, powerful people I have ever met. And I honor that I just got to stand in your presence and see all of that power and love! I am thanking god everyday for you and your gift you were given to share with the world. Sending you all my love and praise and support! Thank you, I honor you, I love you!”


Praise from Eric C:

“Justin and Londin have created the rarest of communities. A place for men and women to come together for deep, vulnerable and profound connection. They both bring great humor to the challenges presented in modern relationship dynamics. Everyone seems to know how difficult modern dating and marriage has become, but few seem to have a solution to keep passion, ecstasy, and connection thriving—Justin and Londin do. I’ve gotten so much out of being a part of their events, and that’s why I keep coming back to practice, grow and bring that deep love I cultivate back with me to my relationship.”


Praise from Andi D:

“Londin and Justin are providing a workshop space to explore the deepest levels of intimacy, connection and love. Because they’re practicing what they’re teaching while leading the group, I’ve been able to open to what’s possible when I trust my own depths and bring that longing to a partner. There is a mind-blowing experiential possibility here, limited only by what we as participants are willing to risk in this very safe, friendly, fun group.”



Our student and regular attendee of the Yoga of Intimacy, Alexandra Roxo, wrote this article about the work. I really love how she holds nothing back in her writing or her practice: 

Holy F*ck: Heartbreak Can be the Best Medicine

And, another great article… Michelle Ann Owens, creator of the podcast Nothing Off Limits, describes her experience of attending here. At the bottom of the blog, she links a podcast epsiode where she interviews Justin and I on the yoga, which is full of good info. I recommend you check it out:

My Personal Experience with the Yoga of Intimacy by Michelle Ann Owens 


IMPORTANT: This event has strict workshop rules. There is no kissing, even if you are coming as a couple and no touching of breast, ass or genitals. We enforce these rules strictly so that participants know they can count on the safest container possible for deep exploration. 

Also, this event requires an equal number of male and female participants for partner practices. If you are the last person to sign up for this event as a single, and an opposite sex partner does not sign up by the day of the event, you may be asked to withdraw from the practice evening. If asked to withdraw, you are entitled to a full refund, or you may allocate your payment towards a future practice evening. To avoid this, be sure to sign up early for all upcoming events.



There is a no refund policy for this event.

*Creating a safe, impeccable environment for our community is our number one priority. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse anyone admission to this event at anytime, even if admission has already been paid.