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Join Londin Angel Winters & Justin Patrick Pierce for a 2-Day Private Intensive in Topanga, CA on Saturday and Sunday, September 23-24, 2017.

This private event is limited to a maximum of 24 select participants (12 men, 12 women). Couples and singles are welcome to attend. We do the gender balancing for you. 

In this workshop, you will learn the principles of polarity, attraction, and the art of sustaining long-term sacred partnership using the powerful asanas of the Yoga of Intimacy. The Yoga of Intimacy is a body of work which teaches you how to deepen intimacy simply through the ways you interact with another body-to-body. We work in the subtle-body realms, rewiring how we approach love-making to create passion, unguarded union, and deep fulfillment through the full embrace of our authentic selves. 

No physical sex occurs in this workshop. It is purely clothes-on, and we enforce no hitting on anyone, no touching of genitals and no kissing. Our very strict workshop rules are designed to create the safest, most conducive environment for maximum surrender into ecstatic bliss. 

The workshop will be held at The Mountain Mermaid in Topanga, CA from 10AM-10PM on both Saturday & Sunday.

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If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to schedule a phone consultation at this link:


Select “30-Minute Client Consultation” box and use coupon code “CONSULT” to schedule your time slot as a complementary call (normally $100 per half hour but complimentary to those interested in 1 or 2-day intensives).

A Letter from an Attendee 

“Londin, I’ve been trying to find the words to explain my immense amount of gratitude I have for you and Justin! I cannot even begin to describe the switch you flipped in me. Ever sense this weekend I have been on fire! And I’ve had so many people commit on how I’m carrying myself! So much deep gratitude, I’m not even sure if you know just how much you’re changing people’s lives. You and Justin are some of the most beautiful, elegant, powerful people I have ever met. And I honor that I just got to stand in your presence and see all of that power and love! I am thanking god everyday for you and your gift you were given to share with the world. Sending you all my love and praise and support! Thank you, I honor you, I love you!”

-Terrin Cripe