It’s been a rich time over here since the solar eclipse. It feels as if the energies just keep intensifying. Can you feel it? With our energies amplifying, it pays to be intentional with the way we are directing our attention because energy follows attention.

  • If you are catering to closure, you amplify closure.
  • If you are practicing openness, you amplify opening.

The choice to open is a beautiful way to ride the power that is surging. However, it’s not always so easy to open, especially if you are in relationship.

It’s one thing to find opening within self: you notice things going awry in the external, you identify the limiting belief, transform it, and Boom, everything improves.

However, when you are in relationship, you are affected by another person. They are a unique soul, with their own perspectives and path.

  • Maybe they do not want to shift and change at the rate you do.
  • Maybe they do not agree with your view.
  • Maybe they are adding a lot of resistance to the picture and you don’t know what to do.

The question becomes: how do we honor our partner’s unique path as we honor our own, but still enjoy the flow of rich love?

Justin and I addressed this in depth at our recent public talk, The Yogic Secrets of Sacred Relationship. Since I know a lot of you do not live in LA and don’t have access to attend in person, I have made a commitment to take some of the best bits and share them with you via our new Sacred Existence SoundCloud account.

I posted one of the clips here for you to check out.